About a week away from finishing ‘The Resurrectionist’

So, the novel I began last year in November is finally coming to its close. I have about a week left and this book will finally be done. Already at just under 100k words in the rough draft, so I’m hoping to keep it under 117k. This story has been a tough one on me–the theme that runs through the entire novel is breaking away from victim mentality. It’s been an emotional journey, and I’m excited to see it come to its end.

For those of you who haven’t heard me talk about it before, this is the story of a surgeon, Edgar Price, from 1895 who gets cursed by the son of the famous murderer, William Hare. This tale was largely inspired from my time studying abroad in Edinburgh with UC Davis. This was where I first discovered the story of the West Port Murders. While at the Museum of Edinburgh, I was lucky enough to view the set of 17 wooden coffins found atop Arthur’s Seat.


These were thought to be the product of witchcraft, and a memorial for the 17 victims of the murder spree. When I first laid eyes on these mysterious items was when ‘The Resurrectionist’ was instantly conceived, though it took years to develop.  I knew then that this mystery would stay with me, and those tiny coffins haunted my imagination for many years after. I had to know the story behind them, and since there never was a clear answer as to their origin, I was compelled to make one up. I stayed right near Grassmarket, where many of the murders took place. Many of the locations in the novel were places I knew well and grew to love during my time in Edinburgh. While much of it is a love song to the city and to Scotland, it is still a horror novel so much of it is angry, dark, and vicious. These were a truly horrific set of murders.

Burke and Hare strangling a victim (From ‘Bloody Scottish History: Edinburgh’, Cate Ludlow)

I’ll update soon of the progress of the novel and maybe add a little information about the characters!

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