The Angel of Elydria has been released!

Today my debut novel “The Angel of Elydria” is finally out!

This journey began over six years ago when I began writing “The Dawn Mirror Chronicles” my steampunk-fantasy adventure series.


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to control dreams? To pillage memories and see into the past? This is exactly the power that my protagonist Penny unlocks in the first book.

Behind the gaslights and glittering façade of Earth’s sister world, a crisis is at hand. The Angel who created Elydria has vanished, and with him went the magic that powered their world. Without their primary source of energy and their god, the days grow ever darker. And somewhere out there in the growing turmoil, Penelope Fairfax is lost. This is a world where dragons wear frock coats and goblins hold raucous carnival. A world where magic is a substance and the gifted few can mold it to their whim.

Penny is a stranger in this world. Just days ago she was attending class at her Oregon college. Everything changed when she discovered the truth about her English teacher. Not only is he the sole-survivor of a race of enchanters, but when his spell backfires, he lands them trapped in Elydria. While navigating this new land in search of a way home, a past full of dark memories and death catches up with Penny.

She is revived from the edge of peril, only to find that she has gained the power to manipulate the dreams of others. This enables her to unlock hidden secrets from the past, as well as create vivid illusions.


However, this new gift comes with a cost. Her dreams are haunted by a malicious specter with an iron funeral mask for a face. Now Penny must escape its wicked intentions for her, solve the mystery that is bringing havoc to the world of Elydria, and get home without meeting death for a second time.


Please take a look at this labor of love I’ve been working on for more than half a decade. It’s available in ebook and trade softcover today!


I hope this tale enchants you and sweeps you away!




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