Inside Look at “Things Lost In The Fire” – A Contemporary Romance by Award-Winning Author Katie Jennings

I really loved this book…

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The story…


Things Lost In The Fire began as a desire to write a story about both L.A. and rock ‘n’ roll royalty. We always hear about the tragic tales of children born into fame and fortune, those who seem to have everything and yet end up with so little in the end. Money doesn’t buy love, and in many cases the families fall to pieces due to greed, a lust for fame, or other vices that plague those in the rock ‘n’ roll world.

With Things Lost In The Fire, the heroine, Sadie, is the product of just such a family. Her parents are infamous rock stars from a legendary group called Albatross, and their volatile relationship and subsequent divorce scarred Sadie as a young teen. That, and the traumatic event that occurred because of her mother’s wild lifestyle, drove her away from Los Angeles for over a decade…

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