Unreal City – Meet Felix and win a signed book!

By far, Felix gets the most love out of all my characters. And who is Felix?


In my previous blog post, I talked about familiar spirits and how they appear in Unreal City. Felix is one such familiar spirit, namely the protagonist Sarah’s. He takes the form of a twisted black cat, which is the traditional familiar spirit for witches in folklore.




He’s a crafty little jerk and you’re never quite sure if he’s trying to help or hurt Sarah. It is Sarah who names him, first as a kind of joke because she doesn’t know what else to call him, though she gives him many names beforehand too. All of them are references to black cats in popular culture:

Jiji – Kiki’s Delivery Service

Salem – Sabrina the Teenage Witch

Figaro – Pinocchio

Thackery Binx – Hocus Pocus

Sylvester – Looney Toons


Excerpt from Unreal City

“Come closer, Sarah. Look what I’ve made for you,” he coaxed me, sounding almost giddy. His whiskers prickled as I inched closer to where he sat on his haunches with something on the ground between his paws. Still full of dread that he might attack at any moment, I approached and saw a little golden box with a bronze-colored taffeta bow atop the lid. It looked like a little birthday present.

“What is it?” I breathed, and he looked down at it for a moment, then back up at me.

“What does it look like?”

“Like a box.”

“Then that’s what it is. Open it up. Find out what’s inside!” he squealed with delight, a feline sound that matched the pitch of the wind singing through the pines.

My numb fingers reached forward and lifted the box, no longer than an inch and a half. I opened it and became certain that this was all a dream. I wondered, in a moment of sublime madness, if I was in a coma like Stephen, or trapped in a long, vivid nightmare. Inside the box was a perfectly preserved bit of my past—a petit four cake. When Lea and I were little, the bank our dad worked at was next to a bakery. When Mom called and told him we’d been good that day, he’d come home with petit fours, one for everyone in the family. When he got a job elsewhere, those delightful little confections disappeared from our lives. Yet here one was. Baked in the exact style that store had made them in. The same iced roses, the same shape. There was no mistaking it.

“Where did you get this?” I gasped, shielding the sweet from the rain with the lid.

“I told you, I made it for you. In return for your generosity. Go on. Eat it up. I know you’ll find it to your liking,” Jiji purred.

“It’s poison, isn’t it?” My head was starting to reel. The petit four was giving off a strong, sugary scent that made my mouth water and lust after its taste. I somehow knew its flavor would perfectly match my memories. The more I breathed in its aroma, the dizzier I felt.

“What do you mean by ‘poison?’” he questioned, confused.

“It’ll make me sick. It’ll kill me,” I heard my own voice say. I was frightened most because I was having such a hard time resisting. I wanted that little rose on top, the silky green frosting, the creamy marzipan inside, the fluffy layers of cake….

“It’s not that kind of poison. It will just help you escape. It won’t hurt you. Try some and see….”



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