Unreal City

‘Unreal City’ is a novel that will be coming soon.



Sarah Wilkes is a girl who is desperate enough to do anything, even make a deal with the devil—or in her case, a familiar spirit.


After Sarah’s twin, Lea, is murdered, the 18-year-old college student finds it impossible to go on living, but she tries for the sake of her parents. Like many other people who have lost the person who means the most to them in this world, she longs to escape. But unlike everyone else, Sarah is offered the chance to actually do so—to discover a new reality, Unreal City.


Everything changes when Sarah realizes a familiar spirit is stalking her. The spectral black cat offers to transport her to the terrifying and fantastical realm of Unreal City in exchange for a trifling payment—a taste of her blood. Sarah cannot resist the temptation, and follows him into an alternate reality that seems, at first, to be a dream come true. The deeper she explores Unreal City, the less real her own world becomes to her and she lives a nightmarish life, trapped between both worlds.


As her reality becomes increasingly warped, people around her are murdered in the same way Lea died—drowned on dry land and left to rot. Sarah is the only person who recognizes and understands the connection. She must continue to visit Unreal City, which grows more threatening by the day, to solve the mystery behind her sister’s murder, as well as to seek her own emotional healing. While she chases the answers behind Lea’s death, Sarah is soon faced with a final decision: is finding out the truth worth becoming part of Unreal City forever?

It was recently named quarterfinalist in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award contest, and garnered a positive review in Publisher’s Weekly: “This intriguing dark fantasy blends some traditional genre tropes into a fresh and enticing tale….The emotional transformation that shadows Sarah’s metaphysical journey to the Unreal City is definitely satisfying enough to keep readers engaged.”



Artwork by Matteo Marjoram



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